Now is the Perfect Time to Buy Print Media


As technology improves, more and more brands are shifting their marketing dollars away from traditional media channels like newspaper to more cost effective marketing channels such as online.  This is happening in spite of the fact that most brand managers still believe that newspaper is a better marketing channel.  The brands are just comparing apples to apples with CPM per dollar, and online always wins the battle.  Newspapers are actively working to stop the bleeding within their ad sales department by any means necessary.

This desperate environment for newspaper ad sales is further compounded by the current economy and a separate trend whereby brands are allocating the overflow of funds from national media buys to more local media outlets.  This is becoming increasingly popular, as the ability and process to purchase local media becomes more and more easy, and local media is proving to be more and more effective.

These three factors have created the perfect storm for brands to re-negotiate their print media costs.  Newspapers are now willing to negotiate rates to maintain and solidify current and prospective clients media spend.

One of the best ways to approach the negotiation is through a third party that acts as the representative media buying agency for a number of big brands.  The agency reaches out to the media outlet with the expected local online spend of their brands.  The agency explains that they’re able to switch their clients spend from on-line to print, if the newspaper can match the CPM that is being offered by its online competitors.

More often than not the newspaper accepts the deal, and the brand can start buying local print media at a much lower rate.

– Erika Grizzanti

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