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July 2, 2009

At LiveTechnology we have a number of talented individuals focused on working with our clients to advise them on the latest technologies available across all media forms.  One of these individuals is Chris Dabroski, one of our senior leads on helping our clients understand mobile media and how mobile can provide big results to advertisers.

Look for more “Guest Posts” from Chris in the coming weeks:

Mobile advertising is increasing exponentially throughout the United States.  Over 270 million Americans (90% of the population) are easily and directly accessible via cellular communications.  Reaching your target consumer by means of cell phone will be your primary vehicle to close a sale.

As an advertiser you want to provide brand information, drive consumer traffic into your stores, and incentivize brand loyalty.  How can a cell phone accomplish these three goals?  Quick Response Codes (QR code for short) will revolutionize how you provide consumers information. QR codes are two dimensional bar codes; they are black and white blocky images anyone can generate and use to distribute information to cell phones.  The image is read by software in conjunction with your camera function on any phone and provides a text message or a URL.

So how can I use QR Codes to drive consumers to my stores or incentivize brand loyalty?

First you need to create the message you want to be received and generate the code.  Next, your code needs to be distributed on every advertisement the message is targeted for. Providing brand information is effortless.

Attach the specific information you want to attach to the code.  If you manipulate what information you’re attaching you can open up new avenues to reach your consumer.  Attach a QR code with a link to the “find your local store” section of the website and you have a vehicle to drive consumers into your store. It’s as simple as seeing a clever advertisement and generating curiosity in your consumers head.

Next they receive the message and in a few steps they know exactly where to buy the product.  The same manipulation can be used to provide exclusive deals, coupons, and promotions.

These are a few quick uses for QR Codes and as with all new technologies there are some drawbacks.  This media  only works if you have the pre existing software on your phone and recognizes the QR Code.  However, like a tsunami miles off the coast, advertisers will have no idea of the power of this new medium until after it has landed ashore.

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