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The QR Code as a Shelf-Talker?

May 17, 2010

QR Codes are becoming more common throughout mobile advertising campaigns across the nation.  Advertisers can promote specific events, products, services and more by allowing mobile users to instantly access more information through their mobile phone internet browsers.   A QR code is a 2-demensional barcode that is linked to a particular URL.  Users take a picture using a camera on a smart phone and the embedded URL links to the browser on the phone taking the user to the specified page.  Here, the link may contain video/photos, features, website or anything that the URL has been set up for.

Retailers are taking advantage of QR codes and the ability to connect customers to their products while customers are present in the store.  Known as “Shelf-talkers” a QR code is placed on a products sku tag on the shelf in front of the product.  The customer can then scan the code and learn valuable insight before making a purchase decision.  For example, a retailer can set up a QR code on the sku tag of a DVD.  When a customer is deciding which movie to purchase they can scan the code on their mobile phone and watch a video of the movie trailer.  A retailer can also use a QR code on other products, such as an appliance or electronic to highlight features that wouldn’t be listed on a sku tag in store.

Please click here for an overview for more information on how LiveTechnology is leveraging QR Codes for some of the biggest brands in the world.

QR Codes enable both retailers as well as manufacturers to have a better view of consumer shopping habits, by tracking QR Code and page view activity.   As a result, retailers and manufactures are able to better plan and place their products.

Companies using cutting-edge technology give the appearance of being technologically driven which can translate into a positive foresight.  This is especially important to the customer in a competitive market.  As companies continue to leverage QR codes, they will increase brand and product awareness, learn more about their customers, and eventually develop a stronger bond with their customer.

Business Basics

December 10, 2009

I have been in multiple client and prospect meetings the past few weeks where the conversation boiled down to distilling the basic concepts of our products and what we do.

We advise clients on the separation of a businesses’ content and their ads (across any and all forms of media). So instead of “creating an ad”, you are managing key business information (first and foremost), and from that business information you can then create marketing and communications materials across over 45 forms of media to promote your business, products, services, people or events.

Taking this approach results in 1) significant cost savings (70-90%) vs. traditional production means, 2) significant time savings and 3) flexibility, speed to market in creating marketing materials at a global, regional and local level.

The basics of business (which threads throughout our products) –  Businesses exist ONLY to sell product(s) or service(s).  And they can sell more product or service ONLY through communications. They need help communicating, and they will pay for services to help them do so efficiently and effectively.